FRN Info

In order to take the Amateur Radio test, the FCC requires you have an FRN. This number is used instead of your SSN. It just takes a couple of minutes to get and free. Just go to the link below, create an account and get your FRN. Don't forget the account credentials you used when you created your account.


After you have completed your FRN, please complete the form below and turn into Gary Bennett a week before the test.


The FRN is free. If taking the test at the Stake Center, it is free. If taken at another location they may charge $15.

If you don't want your home address to show up in the FCC database, you can use your business address.


Instructions to get an FRN. Link here


Link to get an FRN. Link here


Form to turn in for the test (***complete and turn in one week before test***) Link here