Net Control Script 

If you ever find yourself as Net Control and need a script see below.

Calling the Scottsdale Arizona North Education Net. This is ???. My name is ??, and I will be your net control station this evening. PAUSE. 


The purpose of this net is to provide amateur radio operators in the Scottsdale Arizona North Area with training for reliable communications in the event of an emergency, to ensure the proper maintenance and operations and readiness of the communication equipment, to pass traffic and provide those with a common interest the opportunity to meet.


This is an open and directed net and anyone is invited to join in. The only requirement to participate is a positive attitude and the wiliness to learn.


We will ask for visitors after the regular roll call. Please transmit as directed by the net control station. Stations are requested to end each transmission with their call sign. Stations are requested to remain on frequency until net traffic and training have been completed and the net is closed. If you need to leave the net early, please notify net control.


Stations having emergency traffic please use the words, BREAK, BREAK with your call sign, net control with then turn the frequency over to the station with emergency traffic. Pause

Is there any emergency or priority traffic at this time, please transmit now?       


Are there any short term stations, that need to be in and out, please transmit now?


Are there any announcements, please transmit now?


I will continue now with the Roll call. I will take check-ins with the roll call, and then after roll call I will take new or missed member stations.


Roll call.



Any new or missed member stations at this time?



That concludes the net and I will now close the net.  I will now turn this frequency over to normal amateur radio communications. ????, clear.

Group Roster

Below is the group Roster

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