Taking and passing the test

The first step to becoming a ham radio operator is taking and passing the test. Passing the first test, Technician Class, grants you an FCC license and callsign that allows you to transmit on your radio. Without a valid FCC callsign and license, you can listen on your radio but you are not legally allowed to transmit on your radio.  Tests are given every couple weeks. 

Everyone in our group wants you be successful. We love helping new hams get their license. 

Book for studying for the Technician Class: Link is here

Website to take the practice tests: Link is here

Link to study apps and practice test apps: Link is here


If you’d like to pick up the Study book locally, cables and antennas. Pima and Pinnacle Peak WiredCo.com. Wired Communications 7342 E. Quail Track Road, Scottsdale AZ. 85266. Call before you go over, will need gate code. 

 Getting Started. See video

Which radio to buy

If you are pretty sure Ham Radio is for you, there are several great bands. Yaesu, Kenwood, and Icom. These are carried at Ham Radio Outlet (HRO) Their local address is:  10613 N 43rd Ave Phoenix, AZ  www.hamradio.com . You can go there to ask questions and look at the radio.


Yaesu FT-60 Radio  - about $158 

The preferred starter radio. This has been around for 10+ years. One of the most popular HT's ever made. Bullet proof.

3 places to get it. 

Ham Radio Outlet - They have a local store and ship. Also referred to HRO or Candy Store. 😛

DX Engineering  - They only ship. Usually same price as Ham Radio Outlet

Amazon - Usually more expensive than Ham Radio Outlet and DX Engineering

You will want to upgrade the antenna.

Upgraded Antenna $24-  - The antennas that come with all HT's aren't the best. Please upgrade.

Antenna on DXEngineering

Antenna on Amazon

Many members in the group have these Yaesu’s and have the programming cables. They can help you learn to use your radios. 

Tuesday Night Recordings

  • Simplex Operations, Repeater Operations, Talk Around Operations: Recorded 1/19/2021 Link Here

Local Electronics Suppliers:

(Parts, Components, Cables, Coax, etc.)


WiredCo - www.wiredco.com - Scottsdale, but is at Ham Fests and other Venues


Tritek Electronics - www.tritekelectronics.com/ - Mesa


Circuits Specialists - www.circuitspecialists.com/ - Tempe

New Ham Checklist​

Print out new ham checklist and bring with you on Tuesday nights

Link here