Equipment you can build

Chuck W7CBR gave us this link for a McBride J-Pole Ladder-Line Antenna

Link here

Possible antenna Builds

EASY,LOW COST,Tiger Tail -


EASY,LOW COST,2meter 1/4 wave -


EASY,LOW COST1/4 wave ground plane -


MORE COST,Ed Fong jpole PVC -


MORE COSTVertical Dipole -


MORE COSTCopper pipe Jpole -


MORE COSTCoax Antenna -



Antenna Tuner build


Antenna Tuner -




Solar Power Go Box -


Survival HF Go Box -



Repeater Build


Cheap Baofung HT -


Yaesu Repeater in a Pelican Box -

How to properly ground your equipment. See chapters 

Build Video 1

Build Video 2 Adding Solar

Tape measure Yagi - Directional/Foxhunt
How to ground your equipment. 

See chapters 4 & 5 Link here

Build your own Power Box
Raspberry Pi
  • Parts you will need​ - Watch Video - Link here​

  • Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 2 Gig Link here

  • SD Memory Card - Link here

  • Small USB Microphone - Link here

  • Touch Monitor (optional) - Link here

  • Any wired keyboard and mouse will do. Official combo link here

  • Any USB-C cable Link Here

  • You will need your own monitor, keyboard and mouse. Non-bluetooth is easiest to setup.