Digital Class Downloads

Raspberry Pi Download instructions. Link here

After you have installed the Raspberry PI operating system install from the package installer




Here's a tutorial for "AndFLMSG" installation for those who want to use an android phone or tablet to follow along.

ANDFLMSG used for android table/phone:


Here's the presentation I think I'll be using:

CHIRP Radio Programming Software

CHIRP is a free, open-source tool for programming your amateur radio. It supports a large number of manufacturers and models, as well as provides a way to interface with multiple data sources and formats


It is not perfect but it beats programming your radio's memory channels manually. 


You will need a programming cable for your radio.


Here is the link for the chirp software.

Here is the link for the Boafeng programming cable.

Here is the link for the frequency file to program your radio. Feel free to edit it and upload to your radio, or bring it to the meeting and have someone upload to your radio.

RT Systems Radio Programming Software

RT Systems provides ham radio programming software like Chirp, but you have to buy the software. The software interface isn't perfect but it is better than CHIRP. Their software addresses many features your specific radio has, unlike CHIRP.


You will need to use the programming cable from RT Systems. Each software programmer is designed for a specific radio model.


Here is the link


Yaesu FT-70 Links

Software link here

Operating Manual link here

Advance Manual link here

Programming file with frequencies link here

Description of frequencies link here


Coax Loses

Chart for coax loses. Link here

Notes and downloads from Doug and Keith Meeting on 3/19/2019

Stealth Antenna info, link here

Go Kits slide deck, big file, link here

Notes from meeting, link here

Notes for AuxComm Class

Slide Deck from Presentation Link Here