Scottsdale Arizona North Ham Radio Group

Sunday's Net at 7pm

We will be using our new repeater, we are calling it the RainTree Repeater. It is working. Here are the settings to enter for your radio 

Repeater frequencies: RX: 445.625 -offset  Tone 127.3, RainTree Repeater Callsign AG7UH

Back Up Repeater: RX: 448.82500 - offset Tone Tone 100.0, Thompson Peak Repeater 


Portable Emergency Generator Day

Monsoon season is coming. Now is a good time to start your generator and make sure everything is working. Bring your potable generator to the stake center parking lot and start and run your generator. Members from the stake will be assisting if you need it.


If you're looking to purchase a generator, see what others are using and why. 


Also, stake amateur radio operators will be participating in a valley wide exercise in the church parking lot. 


Members of the community are invited to both. 

For MeetUp Info see Link Here

NextDoor Info see Link Here

3rd Tuesday Night @ 7pm Ham Radio meeting

Church parking lot. 6840 E. Gold Dust Scottsdale AZ 85254

Aux Comm Training

Thanks for expressing your interest in Emergency Communications.  First and foremost, you would need to take four online FEMA  courses.  Here are the links:

They are free, and take about a few hours each to complete.  You will need to apply for a FEMA ID first.  (There is a link for that on those sites.)

After you complete those courses, there is a 2 day, in-person class called AUXCOMM that is required for anyone who wishes to be involved in emergency communications at the county or state level.

To sign up for that, go to and sign up.  Right now there is not a class scheduled, but there is a place holder there until they can work out just how to do the class with COVID restrictions in place.  You will need to create a log in, and then select the tab "select events" to get to the sign up.

Skywarn Info: Link Here

Virtual ham fest topics from this past weekend and what we learned: Link here

ARRL Webinars and what we have learned: Link here

Radio's in the Park 

Saturday April 10th, will be another "Radios In the Park."  It will be held from 10:00 - 12:00 that day.  The main frequency will be 146.460 with a PL tone of 77.0..  The frequencies will also be the same as those which are used for RUSS/RITP.  We will be operating simplex on 146.460 MHz.  You may wish to use the designated PL tone of 77.0, but it is not required (but some participants may not hear you if you do not.)  For HF users, we will be planning on using LSB 7.178 MHz if that is clear.  Of course, you may operate on other frequencies or modes as you wish to make contacts.  The point of this exercise is to continue to use our skills, operate off grid power, to make contacts, and to have fun!

Communication lessons learned from the East Desert Fire and Peakview Fire Link here

Radio Programming Files

Yaesu FT-8800 RT-System File

Boefang Chirp File

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Please take a minute to sign up on This lets us plan for how many people are planning on coming and let's those that may be interested in joining our group, that we are active. Here is the link. Link here.

Great Podcasts and YouTube Channels

Download your favorite Podcast app for your smart phone. Apple's Podcast app is good or use Blubrry, or Stitcher for iOS or Android. Once you have downloaded one of the Podcast apps, search for:

ARRL So Now What

ARRL The Doctor is in

A great YouTube Channel is Ham Radio Answers! Hundreds of great videos. Link here

Group Communication links

To get the latest weekly updates on your cell phone follow these instructions. Link here

Radios in the Park at Horizon Park on 2/15/2020

Great turn out for Radios in the Park

Repeater/Antenna Installation & going live on 1/25/2020

About 1/2 of the people that showed up to help are in the pictures. Thanks everyone for all you did to make this possible. It was a long road, but worth it!

The before picture. Brian contemplating the task at hand. On second thought, he could be praying. 

Great job on fabricating the custom antenna stand!

Kinda like the Marines raising the flag on Iwo Jima, but not. 


Finally the "Supervisors" arrive


More pictures of the repeater and batteries to come.